Why Is Nutrition Important?

I have to admit there are times when I've asked the question, 'Why is nutrition important?'

We are what we eat

If the old saying is true that 'we are what we eat,' then food becomes important. Right?

Sounds easy enough.

But wait, we live in a world of over indulgence and instant gratification. Is it possible to place importance on proper nutrition and eating healthy?

What is proper nutrition

Are you getting the proper nutrition from the foods you're eating?

Most of us would say, 'I think so.' But the reality is that we are not.

We know that proper nutrition is the cornerstone for a healthy diet, but in today's culture of choices... choices... and 'would you like that super sized'?

How can we even begin to eat better?

Start by making healthier food choices; choosing a variety of different foods

Healthy eating takes a conscience effort. Set aside the days when we eat something based on convenience more than nutrition. We all do it. And that's okay.

If you have a bad day, it often times effects ... everything! What you eat, how much you eat, when you eat, your mental and emotional attitude, your performance at work ... everything is effected.

A bad day is different than a daily lifestyle of unhealthy eating. Sooner or later 'unhealthy' catches up with you.

You can start eating better by making healthier food choices. Learn about the nutritional content for each of the foods that you eat. Experiment by choosing a variety of different foods.

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