What Are The Best Types
Of Exercise For You?

You're ready to start exercising, but don’t know what types of exercise are best for you.

First and foremost, before starting any exercise program consult your health care provider first to discuss any possible health risks or complications.

He or she can provide recommendations and specific direction to best fit your health circumstances, limitations, or restrictions.

Set a Fitness Goal

After you’ve been given the 'all clear' to start, the first step is to set a fitness goal.

Some questions to consider before choosing your exercise:
  • Do you want to lose weight?
  • Are you looking to firm and tone or strengthen?
  • How much time do you have?
  • When is the best time to exercise; in the day or the evening?
The Benefits of Aerobic Exercises Static Exercises Isometric Exercises Aerobic Exercise PNF Exercises

Find a Support Group - Join a Workout Group

Tell your family and friends of your fitness goals.

Emotional support is crucial to your success. There are going to be days of discouragement and having someone to encourage you will be important.

Studies show that people who work out together are far more successful at reaching health and fitness goals.

Eat A Healthy, Well-Balanced Diet

It’s not just about how active you are. Take the time to eat properly.

A well balanced diet is essential, especially if you are exercising on a daily basis.

Fruit Nutrition Dark Green Vegetables Whole Grains Fish and Seafood Dairy

Start Exercising

Participate in at least ONE form of daily exercise. The main objective is to start new daily routines.

Small steps can yield big results. Be patient with yourself. After all, this is a lifestyle change.

It is always recommended to start any exercise routine with a warm-up, and finish with a cool down and final stretch.

The 3 most common exercises are:
The Best Exercise for Weight Loss
Aerobic Exercises - The main purpose of aerobic exercise is to increase and maintain an elevated heart rate for at least 30 minutes (at a minimum) by continually moving the larger muscles in rhythm.

Flexibility Exercises
Flexibility Exercises - As we age, our muscle and joint flexibility unfortunately decrease and tighten. These types of exercises are a great fitness solution to this problem.

Strength Training Exercises
Strength Training Exercises - The main concept of strength training exercises (also referred to as resistance exercises) is to build and tone muscle, increase bone mass, and improve endurance.

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