There are 2 Types of Aerobic Exercise
High and Low-Impact

What's the difference between the types of aerobic exercise?

You can jump start your weight loss program if you understand the difference between the 2.

  1. High-Impact Aerobics
  2. Low-Impact Aerobics

The biggest difference between high and low-impact aerobics is the possible risk of injury.

High-impact aerobics, such as step aerobics, requires both feet to regularly lose contact with the floor. The risk of injury increases.

Whereas when doing water aerobic exercises (a low-impact exercise) the risk of injury is greatly reduced because this only requires 1 foot to lose contact with the floor at a time.

Before starting any exercise program, first consult your health care provider to discuss any possible health risks or complications. He/she can provide recommendations and specific direction regarding if aerobic exercise is the best fit for your health circumstances, limitations, or restrictions.

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