Spiritual Wellness Balances Core Values

Spiritual wellness balances our core values on issues such as God and religion, family, honesty, culture, race and ethnicity, respect, trust, education, wealth, and physical health.

It is personal and intimate for each of us as the “spiritual” or “soul” aspect can be defined in unique and different ways.

The ultimate source is within yourself. ~ Dalai Lama

The spiritual dimension of wellness enables us to create, refine, and define a sense to the meaning and purpose of life.

Through the search and discovery of this process we are taught tolerance and respect even when we cannot understand that which cannot always be understood.

Spiritual wellness is a sense of harmony created first from within; and secondly guided by the social and physical aspects of life. Several ways in which people fulfill this is by:
  • Daily prayer or mediation
  • Relaxation
  • Tolerant of the values of others

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