Isotonic Exercises Are Used To Strengthen Muscles And Improve Joint Mobility

Isotonic exercises are all about the amount of tension that is placed on the muscles and the joints when doing an exercise.

It is impetrative that throughout the exercise:

  1. The tension remains constant

  2. There is control of the extension and contraction of muscles

  3. There is control of the movement of joint

A few of the positives reasons to do this type of exercise:
  • Inexpensive - Most of these exercises only require 1 piece of equipment: YOU! At a modest cost you can add hand dumbbells to increase you workout.

  • Privacy - These exercises are perfect for any home fitness routine. You don't have to leave the privacy or comfort of your own home and when you do, they can be accomplished in a small area.

  • Variety of different exercises - You can target 1 specific part of your body or do in a variety of different exercises for a full body workout.

  • Targets major muscle groups - Several exercises concentrate on elongating and contracting the muscles to pinpoint problems or build up muscles and joints.

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