How to Save Money on Car
Expenses and Maintenance

Learning how to save money by cutting your car or truck expenses and maintenance, can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars annually.

  1. Buy a used car instead of a new one.
  2. Consider buying hybrid models first, or models that are more fuel efficient.
  3. Sell any extra vehicles.
  4. Keep the tires regularly inflated to the proper pressure and rotated.
  5. Change your own oil and filters regularly.
  6. Drive the speed limit and do not accelerate or brake quickly.
  7. Comparison shop insurance.
  8. Bundle insurance through one company (homeowner, renter, and vehicle).
  9. Drop unnecessary insurance riders.
  10. Change insurance deductibles and limits.
  11. Pay insurance premiums quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.
  12. Wash and vacuum the car at home.
  13. Carpool to work or school.
  14. Use public transportation.
  15. Combine several trips into 1.

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