The Definition of Wellness
Connecting Health and Wellness

What is the Definition of Wellness?

Can it be defined?

Is there a connection between health and wellness?

Wellness as defined by Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary is, 'the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal (lifestyles that promote wellness)'.

The Medical Dictionary refers to it as 'the condition of good physical, mental and emotional health, especially when maintained by an appropriate diet, exercise, and other lifestyle modifications.'

It looks as if there is
a connection between

As stated above, health wellness is really more than just eating well and exercising.

Most nutrition and wellness experts agree that the dimension of wellness is about balance.

Balance and harmony between and within each of the health wellness categories (physical health, spiritual well-being, emotional health, financial wellness, and healthy relationships).

Like everything in life, one dimension affects the other.

Achieving personal health wellness is a process.

An active, ongoing process of awareness, choice, and balance.

Benefits of Exercise Health and Nutrition Spiritual Wellness Emotional Wellness Financial Wellness

What is Physical Wellness?

The dimensions of physical wellness promote taking care of your body through daily exercise and proper nutrition. It encourages you towards good health and a healthy lifestyle.

For optimal health and well-being you must respect and utilize your body's own uniqueness and diversity.

Several areas in which you can accomplish this and have a healthier lifestyle are:
  • Daily exercise - Increase your strength and endurance. Exercise a minimum of 2 to 3 times a week, 20 to 30 minutes per session.
  • Better Sleep – Get a good nights sleep. Research confirms that having a good nights sleep is better accomplished if you are exercisingng daily. People who exercise fall asleep faster, sleep longer, and have improved quality of sleep.
  • Proper Nutrition - Choosing foods from all of the major food groups promotes a healthy diet and helps to make smarter food choices.

Create balance and harmony through spiritual wellness

Spiritual wellness balances our core values on issues such as God and religion, family, honesty, culture, race and ethnicity, respect, trust, education, wealth, and physical health.

It is a sense of harmony created first from within; and secondly guided by the social and physical aspects of life. Several ways in which people fulfill this is by:
  • Daily prayer or mediation
  • Relaxation
  • Tolerance of the values of others

Definition of Wellness

To arrive at a definition of wellness and what that personally means for you, it is important to evaluate all of the dimensions of wellness and understand the role that each plays in the bigger picture of your health and wellness.

Is it possible to achieve emotional wellness?

Yes, very possible.

Emotional wellness is an understanding that what we think and how we feel and act, are not only driven by the circumstances in our life at the present time.

It's the all important piece that puts balance into our life. This is the area where we learn to feel 'comfortable in our own skin'.

We learn to constructively meet our emotional needs through positive emotions such as contentment, love, and happiness.

This increases our overall sense of well-being and helps us:
  • Create high self-esteem and self-image
  • Have a positive attitude towards life
  • Maintain good mental health
Can anyone achieve financial wellness?

Managing money can be discouraging, especially if you don’t have enough of it or you don’t control how you spend it.

Financial wellness is having a comfortable relationship with money.

If you live within your financial means you will be become more secure within yourself.

The definition of wellness is about finding balance and harmony between and within each of the health wellness categories.

At times that may be difficult, but it is the KEY to your health nutrition success.

Like most everything in life, one aspect affects the other. Achieving personal wellness is a process. An active, ongoing process of awareness, choice, and balance.

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