Don't Let The Challenge Of Starting A Daily Exercise Program Stop You

Why do most of us struggle with starting and maintaining a daily exercise program?

We know that the benefits of exercise far out weigh any 'excuse' not to exercise, but somehow that doesn't seem to motivate us forward.

First and foremost, understand that starting any new routine can be challenging. Not to mention, difficult. Exercise has long had a reputation to be one of the single most physical and emotional challenges we face.

Maybe there is something to be said for the old saying ...


A few suggestions you should consider before starting:
  • Make a Commitment to Start
  • Set a Specific Time Each Day
  • Create a Support Group
  • Have Fun

Make a Commitment to Start
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You will have far more success if you pick a date to start and stick to it. Make a commitment to start on that date and do everything to follow through.

Mark it on your calendar, talk about it, and tell your family and friends of your intentions.

Set a Specific Time Each Day

One of the biggest challenges to starting a new exercise program is creating the routine. Pick a time of day that is going to give you atleast 30 minutes of uninterrupted time and stick to it.

Find a Support Group

Emotional support is crucial to your success. Studies show that people who work out together are far more successful at reaching health and fitness goals.

Have Fun

Enjoy yourself.

Find the type of exercise that best fits your interests but that is also physically challenging.

The Benefits of Aerobic Exercises Static Exercises Isometric Exercises Aerobic Exercise PNF Exercises

Start with an exercise that you find somewhat challenging and adapt the intensity.

Before starting any exercise program, first consult your health care provider to discuss any possible health risks or complications. He/she can provide recommendations and specific direction to best fit your health circumstances, limitations, or restrictions.

Eat A Healthy, Well-Balanced Diet

It's not just about how active you are. Take the time to eat properly.

A well-balanced diet and daily exercise go hand-in-hand.

Choose a healthy variety of different foods.

Fruit Nutrition Dark Green Vegetables Whole Grains Fish and Seafood Dairy

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