A Budget Planning Worksheet Helps
to Finalize a Monthly Living Expenses List

This budget planning worksheet can be used as a guide for creating an initial list of expenses. Add, delete, or combine expenses as necessary. List every expense that comes to mind. The main objective in this step is to create a list, not to analyze the cost. After you are satisfied with your list, prioritize it within each category, then by major expenses with the most essential expenses first. The goal of this step is to evaluate, organize, and finalize this list into your monthly living expenses.

Through this process, it is extremely important to understand that there are times when we can’t see or aren’t willing to admit that we are over-extended and living outside of our means. Other times we are just taken by surprise on exactly how much we’re spending on what we believed as an essential living expense, when in fact, it is not. Prioritizing essential expenses is vital as you move forward.

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